My Daughter Poem by erie morganmaples

My Daughter

my baby,

i know that you are gone away from me and your father, your spirt will always live inside our hearts, your smile is the one thing that we will miss from you, your words, your laugh, and your ways of making our worlds a better place to live,

You will always will be out lil angel, we will miss you, take care my little one.

My life will never be the same without you in it, you will always live in momma and daddy's hearts forever, i know that we will miss you for a very long time, but i know that you will be up in heaven with the angles and you will be the most beautiful one of all.

Your family and friends, will miss you most of all, but i know that God has you in a better place where you can feel no pain, and you will never be scared and all of the bad dreams that you had here on earth and in your bed at night will never find you.

We pray our angel that you will not miss us too much, and we want you to have fun and meet a-lot of new friends. while you are away.

our love

Mommy and daddy

Thoughts Of A Poet 19 October 2012

thnx for what you put on here that really made me feel good

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