My Lyrical Emotions Poem by erie morganmaples

My Lyrical Emotions

I will forever silhouette my
lyrical-emotions as i sit and
compose the poems that seem to
naturally come to me.

As the melody comes to
me, my soul seems to
demension every-action
that seems to proceed
my lyrical-emtions to
what they mean to
me as an artist.

All of my lyrical-emotions
feels like a euphorical
smyphony, that erases
every-flaunt of pain that
seems to remain inside my

Let me and my lyrical-
emotions touch the
heart-strings of the people
that are all aroud me.

Please let me be the brilliant
writer that every-one wants
to read and even be inspired
by the thoughts and the feelings
that make me who i am and who
i wanna be as an artist of poetry.

Please let me leave a very
mesmerizing effect of the
people who read my lyrical-
emotions and take them to
heart as they should.

But will you not compare
me to all of the other
poets, and artist, and the
writers that you read on
your spare time.

As you take a closer
look and a closer gilmpse
of me and my lyrical-
emotions then you will
come to understand why
they mean so much to me.
Erie Morgan

Dorukhan Baris Oguzcan 21 October 2012

i have the same wishes hope you reach your goal and

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Thoughts Of A Poet 13 October 2012

thnx for what you have said that was very sweet of you to say that about my poetry

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Lynn Stillman 31 July 2012

Dear Erie, I commented on this poem and tried to send you a message back but the page said that this author does not accept messages. I just wanted you to know that because I always try to return messages. Lynn Stillman

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Lynn Stillman 31 July 2012

Dear Erie, this is truly a great write. I too find that when I am writing, it takes me away to another place, and is a kind of freedom even if it is for a short time. Your words speak volumes and I can really relate to this. Keep it up and I really admire your creativity. Take Care, Lynn Stillman

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