My Father, With His Arthritic Hands Poem by Rani Turton

My Father, With His Arthritic Hands

Rating: 5.0

My father, with his arthritic hands
Closes his door, picks up the bow
Tucks the bit under his chin
Tunes it real low
My father can compete with the world's best bands
My father plays the violin.

His eyes are dim but the notes are clear
His hearing is faulty but we can hear
The songs that pour out from within
People outside stop to listen
When my father plays the violin.

He opens up another world
Farfrom stress and pain
I become a child again
As without a word
He picks up the bow, tunes it real low
My father plays the violin.

My father with his arthritic hands
Holds a magnifying glass to his eyes to read
He sits out there under the clear blue skies
Now that he can hardly walk
(Luckily my sisters are there when he needs to talk) .
And when its dusk and he enters within
Then with his arthritic hands
Father picks up his violin.

Copyright: Rani Turton

(an extract from the book of poems 'My Father With His Arthritic Hands and Other Poems' Paris,2018.

Monday, January 14, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: father,father daughter
Jasbir Chatterjee 16 February 2008

Your poem brought a lump into my throat; it made me think of my own father with his arthritic legs, sitting in his study room with his students, busy teaching...fighting away the old age blues...Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Richa Dhodi 16 February 2008

A nice tribute that you have depicted through this wonderful poem. All lines show that u hold loving and carying liaison with your father. good work.thanz.

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Lynda Robson 16 February 2008

What a lovely tribute to your Father, its sad we all have to get old I too suffer with arthritis not so bad as your father but it is debilitating, excellent work 10 Lynda x

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Rachel Flint 16 February 2008

moving beyond words simply beautiful

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Sandra Fowler 17 February 2008

Your father makes beautiful music with those arthritic hands of his. I can only add, Encore'. Very touching, Rani. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Ranjit Ravindran 18 October 2009

Indomitable Spirit. My hearty wishes to your dad, Ma'am. Is there any way I can hear his lovely tunes?

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Catrina Heart 07 February 2009

WOW! Rani thank God you have invited me to read this poem...Its awesome...The message was great, very touching piece. With all your fathers disability the songs flow through the heart while playing his violin...10/10

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Katherine Wiley 19 June 2008

A very touching poem, beautifully written. Thanks for sharing. Kate

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Ron Flowers 09 June 2008

Rani, a truly wonderful poem of love and respect. I am glad you pointed me to it.

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Mamta Agarwal 20 May 2008

your pride in your father and compassion for him really touched me. it is very painful to see your parents suffer. but he rose above it and made you proud. so touching

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