My Friend Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

My Friend

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I’m looking for the most proper rhymes
To express my gratitude to my Friend
For both the happy and difficult times
When all my ways could find a good end.

To be a good book in my Friend’s hand,
And to feel the warm and gentle touch
When I’m crying and can’t understand
Why the world injures me so much…

And I am grateful like a little seed
To a Gardener who planted the grain
In a wild place, and now he is succeed
As it grows in the sun and in the rain.

I’ll never find the most proper rhymes
To express my gratitude to my Friend.
Some day I’ll try to write suitable lines
To compose a poem with a good end.

James B. Earley 03 August 2008

Friend - A single soul dwelling within two separate bodies. (Aristotle)

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Lisa Wilkinson 26 May 2006

A lovely expressive poem. Thanks for commenting on mine too. Friends are special and close to our hearts. My best friend is like a sister. Keep visiting.Regards, Lisaxx

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Sandra Fowler 06 May 2006

I am sure your friend received this warm poem as a gift. Thank you for sharing. Kind regards, Sandra

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