Jolanta Gradowicz Poems

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A Flower

A beautiful Flower is growing here
In the sunny, and neat, and tidy place.
Its leaves and petals seem fine and clear.
I dream to pick it gently and embrace.

A Girl At A Bus Stop

I saw her at the only bus stop
In our little, forbidding town.
She seemed to be on the top -
The girl was getting me down.

A Dance

Could I ask you to dance, madam?
Let’s go to dance to this music.
You mustn’t be a lonely woman
When everything is so rhythmic.

A Wave Of Love

A wave of love approached my boat,
A fresh breeze surrounded me nicely,
My memories should be allowed to float
And to sail away with the wave slowly.

My Love, Your Love

My Love is patient and sincere,
And it’s faithful, and humble, and strong.
Your Love helps me to overcome fear
And anything that could be bad or wrong.

A Sunbeam

A warm sunbeam touches my face,
I tilt my head and squint at the sky.
I’d like to spread my arms and embrace
The passing day which is about to die.

Help Him, God (To M.)

Help him, God. I beg you for support
For the lost soul at the sad moment.
Give him some consolation and comfort,
And don’t let him experience this torment.

A Girl From A Little Town

In a little town, close to a park,
Lived a girl in a small house.
She had a dog, who liked to bark,
And always had a cold, black nose.

A Lucky Star

I found it at starry night.
It was tiny like a dot -
Against a black background – white.
“It’s impossible” – I thought.

A Little Dream

It’s trembling sadly in the misty air,
It fears to near you and touch your arm.
I squint at it, and I see it get scared.
I remain calm and silent not to harm

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