A Lucky Star Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

A Lucky Star

I found it at starry night.
It was tiny like a dot -
Against a black background – white.
“It’s impossible” – I thought.

I could see it in the sky.
It seemed unattainable,
And too distant, and too shy…
But it was undeniable.

I wanted to give you it
To make you feel my love.
Yet, I still delay, still quit.
Are you ready enough?


Listen to the Muse for as long as you can and please keep writing your beautiful poems.

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Malgorzata Mika 31 July 2007

Your poem is very nice and full of sweetness :) .I think everyone has at leat one person to whom he/she would give such a star. What is inaccessibleto us seems to be the most graceful and pure..something from the world we would never grasp...by the way, it's great to see afind another person from Poland :) .Good luck :)

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Becky Ginn 09 May 2006

This is a great poem and very true. There are many special people in my life that i would love to give stars to. Keep up the good work. All the best Love Becky! !

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Noemi Lee 28 April 2006

This is such a sweet poem.

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