A Girl At A Bus Stop Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

A Girl At A Bus Stop

Rating: 4.5

I saw her at the only bus stop
In our little, forbidding town.
She seemed to be on the top -
The girl was getting me down.

I wanted to be just like she –
A young girl of the world
With a hand luggage- so free -
In a bus on the provincial road.

Colorful lights of a big city
Were on the lookout for her.
The bus departed, I felt pity –
I had to remain here forever.

Where are you, girl from the bus?
Where is your destination?
There was a difference between us,
Or... it’s only my imagination...

Lindsey Priest 27 April 2006

I enjoyed reading your poem. It made me think - how our lives are similar and different but we do share a liking for poetry.

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Greenwolfe 1962 25 June 2008

A very creative piece of poetry. The kind of thing that really does serve the reader well. I really recommend this piece. I would have given it a 9 but there is no scoring. It is worth every bit of that. GW62

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Adeline Foster 16 December 2007

Great introspection, well said Adeline

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Risha : Ahmed 12 June 2007

beautiful rhyming poem. I do not know, why I wanted to read it again and again.

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Sandra Fowler 20 July 2006

A lovely poem of longing, rich in imagination, touched by a wistfulness that is very appealing to the reader. Warm regards, Sandra

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Nalini Hebbar 22 June 2006

i bet she thought the same about you looking at you...in india we say ' the jasmine on the neighbour's creeper smells sweeter than the ones on mine'

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