My Friend Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

My Friend

Rating: 5.0

He is my friend, a full time friend
Who has the heart of a friend,
Who knows the meaning of 'friend'
Who feels the need of a friend
Who knows the pulses of a friend

I open my wallet before him
He opens his heart before me
I am aware of his aspirations
He is aware of my limitations
I reckon with his frustrations

He pulls ashore me from ebbs
I push ashore him from sobs
He lends me his wings to fly
I lend him my legs to walk
He puts himself in my shoes

He is faithful and reliable,
Helpful and healing
We talk about truth and lies
We talk against arrogant vanity
We flock against egotic boasting

We criticize masking and pretending
We keep ethics and morals
We share news and information
We share everything to the extent
We are permitted by culture and law

Saturday, November 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Valsa George 18 November 2018

This is the success story of a reciprocal relationship, one of give and take! Reciprocity is needed for any enduring friendship! I can assume that your friendship is binding and endurable and your interests match! I wish that this friendship should stay in tact till the end of your life and even beyond! A well crafted poem!

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ParameswaranNair (DPN) 18 November 2018

Thank you Valsa George. Encouraging comments. Give and take is necessary for the maintenance of all relations on earth, am't I correct?

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 October 2021

I open my wallet before him He opens his heart before me....sir, your friend is great!

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Chandini Jaswal 27 March 2020

'My Friend' expresses the truth of friendship- it's a two way street, and has to face restrictions by the society. The realism of this poem makes it one of a kind. Enjoyed reading it Sir.

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Devi Krishnakumar 22 December 2018

This poem reminds us of the saying-' A friend in need is a friend indeed'.It reminds me of my childhood friends who had been strong pillars of support in the time of need and had put in a great effort to make me a better person.

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Thank you Devi for the sincere appraisal

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 November 2018

I am aware of his aspirations He is aware of my limitations I reckon with his frustrations.. faithful and reliable and we share our love and friendship. noble words. your heart is so pure dear poet. Prameswaran Nair. tony

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Friendship is the relation which has no substitute. Thank you Dr.tony

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Prabha Nair 20 November 2018

I wish all friendships go this way.

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Thank you for the appreciating comments

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