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What is wrong with today's lass and lad?
Should they adapt to all the society's fad?

Should they talk with nothing but contempt,

When words fail to explain
And eyes are tear drained
Get up and rise
Don't welcome the loser sighs

From the beautiful mythology,
to the Indian ideology,
This is my India and I am proud of her.

I held thy hand
And far I wanted to go
How sweet is young love
I very well know

A mother, She is hard to describe,
Cause whatever she does is not bribed.
You can observe her care,
When she cooks your food with her hands bare.

The strong beam of light,
Making my crust bright,
My beautiful tides,
Giving the surfers sea rides,

Prison-ed in the four walls of this room,
Waiting for a magical broom.

So that I need not weep,
Or go on sweep.

I remember the day,
while I was sitting by the bay.

There arrived a van,

Let me tell you a story,
Well, neither does it describe a hero's glory,
Nor does it exemplify how the lions roared,
As to new heights the hero soared.

I remember when our class was changed,
How we all raged!

The teacher said,


It's got nothing to do with fame.

Well I would like my readers to give a thought
Don't you think girls have suffered a lot?

Can create your very own biography.
Cause it's an art,
Which is quite hard.

My siblings are funny,
but they are as sweet as honey.

First they show their knuckles,

My hands trembled
Because my world seemed crumpled
I joined my hands and shouted,
"Your powers I have never doubted;

Let me tell you a tale,
A story shared by every adult male.

As soon as the salary reaches his pocket,

I was full of hatred,
Because my goodness with time had faded
But the Almighty bestowed me with an angel.
Her smile and aura had stirred everyone.

While thou flogged me,
I beseech'd ye:
'Pity pity and forgive,
Pardon me and let me peacefully live'.

My greatest fear was realised,
When I saw the familiar uncertainty in my little one's eyes,
She hopped from her bus,

Give me courage lord,
And let not my apprehension,
Turn into fearful anticipation.
In thy grove I vow,

Chandini Jaswal Biography

Greetings! My name is Chandini Jaswal. I hail from India: the land of diversity. I try putting across the same 'diversity' through my poems by taking up different topics and composing verses on them. Poetry is my passion and I have been writing poems since I was 7, although I formally wrote a poem only when I was 12. Dear Readers, Do read my poems and please help me improve them by giving your views and feedback.)

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What Is Wrong With Today's Lass And Lad?

What is wrong with today's lass and lad?
Should they adapt to all the society's fad?

Should they talk with nothing but contempt,
and take all decisions in haste and then repent?

What is wrong with today's lass and lad?
should they to look good, so illy clad?

Should the whole night they party,
and enjoy only with their friends, when they are hearty?

What is wrong with today's lass and lad?
Should they kick their parents out, when they are mad?

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POOJAN JASWAL 28 November 2019

Just logged on to Chandini 's poem - she's the best

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Rajnish Manga 10 August 2019

I have read a couple of poems written by Chandini Jaswal and was much impressed by her range of topics, poetic beauty, depth and simplicity of presentation. Thanks to her with Good Wishes.

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Today, Success is not a luxury, but a necessity

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