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My name is Chandini Jaswal. I hail from India: the land of diversity.
I try putting across the same 'diversity' through my poems by taking up different topics and composing verses on them.
Poetry is my passion and I have been writing poems since I was 7, although I formally wrote a poem only when I was 12.

Dear Readers,
Do read my poems and please help me improve them by giving your views and feedback.

Chandini Jaswal Poems

What Is Wrong With Today's Lass And Lad?

What is wrong with today's lass and lad?
Should they adapt to all the society's fad?

Should they talk with nothing but contempt,

Get Up And Rise

When words fail to explain
And eyes are tear drained
Get up and rise
Don't welcome the loser sighs

This Is My India And I Am Proud Of Her

From the beautiful mythology,
to the Indian ideology,
This is my India and I am proud of her.

Love Is All That You Seek

I held thy hand
And far I wanted to go
How sweet is young love
I very well know

Oh Mother!

A mother, She is hard to describe,
Cause whatever she does is not bribed.
You can observe her care,
When she cooks your food with her hands bare.

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07 July 2017

Today, Success is not a luxury, but a necessity

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POOJAN JASWAL 28 November 2019

Just logged on to Chandini 's poem - she's the best

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Rajnish Manga 10 August 2019

I have read a couple of poems written by Chandini Jaswal and was much impressed by her range of topics, poetic beauty, depth and simplicity of presentation. Thanks to her with Good Wishes.

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