My Generation Poem by David Knox

My Generation

This is my generation
an abomination
to my God and morality
they blind their eyes in an attempt to not see
the weight of their sin, and magnitude of their wrong
they parade it around, and praise it in song
glorifying their flesh and burning their conscience
and hence
they feel they've done no wrong and no sin
so the saying has come true: 'In last days men will call evil good and good evil'
in the old testament peopl tore their clothes
and dusted their head with ash
when their generation scorned God brazenly
but what can i do?
I pray yes, but my generation makes me want to cry
as they forsake our Lord on high
creator of the Earth! forgotten...
abandoned and insulted, falsified and ignored
humanity abhorred
what would it mean if i tore my clothes
in my day and my generation no one would care
they dont understand the symbol
what can i do for my generation i cannot help
but cry, cry out and yelp
but no avail
i fear it istoo late and useless to say.... i fail
because my generation loves sin
everyday Jesus bleeds anew on that cross
and they remain cross
unphased they nail Him up with no remorse
and stay the course
that leads them to death... now he bleeds and my clothes feel loose
ripping them won't help... i feel as if im partly responsible for all that
dripping the blood comes... everyday fresh and new how can they kill
themselves, screw themselves and kill Him, the only one who truly loves them
their willful sin makes me wonder about amazing grace
their rebellion is a disgrace
to all humanity
this is my generation
and these
my people

Robert Knox 26 April 2010

Your heart for the lost is pretty incredible, I must say. Don't give up and remember that God doesn't fail. Everything always starts with prayer, but I guarantee you that beyond the scope of what we can see in times of darkness, there is still the same God doing the same miracles... especially the miracle of personal conversion.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 12 February 2010

How very true and tragic. This generation is killing itself and has lost its direction and goals in life. 10+++++++

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David Knox

David Knox

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