My Little Dark Room Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

My Little Dark Room

A cup for two on the love table
Waiting for you to come and keep on
Frightened and worried, tears seem fall
The moment you come here my side.

Praying that the phone won’t ring
Hoping that you sleep with me well
Distressed am I, unfortunate and sad
Coz you will leave if the sound you hear.

The more I learn to love you by heart
The more we seemed drifted apart
Weak, I’m trying to persuade
Strong, brave I have to fight
For my love, a feeling that can not lie.

You said you won’t go but it is not true
The truth hurts that you are not mine
Who is with you now can’t help but cry.
I am just nobody to you a name won’t try
Lust and thoughts came very fast, you’re gone.

When all I have to you submit, I give
A time passing by I can accept and apply
The rules of heavens, now worked to sigh.
That you will love only one, your better half

Mistress is the name for me to tagged
I have to be strong I can not be away
Though it is a sin that I know, but why I pursue
My love, my devotion though years may go
What kind of fool I am and must I let you go?
Must I have you in my dark room forever to stay?

(August 13,2009 at 9: 00 pm Philippines)

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