My One Wish Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

My One Wish

I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this one wish tonight
To see the face of the one
I love so dearly
My best friend, my soul mate
Who I would never give up on
And wait as long as it takes
To see that smile
The sparkle in his eyes
Feel that tight embrace
Of surrounding arms
I wish to tell in person
The love I speak of
To show I am real
More real than he knows
I wish to meet the one
Who captivated me
In every way possible
Captured my soul
Showed me the light
Showed there's more to this life
If he could only see the same
The one who has a hold of my heart
Brings a smile to my face
A connection so strong
Pulling me closer and closer
I cannot deny
I wish to bring all the
Happiness in the world
And hold him ever so tightly
With an everlasting love
Even for one day
I wish to meet the one
My heart desires most.

Dougie Fresh 01 October 2012

awwww what a sweet poem! I hope u get to meet this love of yours on your journey!

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Aung Si 31 October 2012

Brings a smile to my face A connection so strong Pulling me closer and closer I cannot deny Oh, nice whispers of the one in love. The heart will keep on murmuring its language until it gets its longing and desire.Well done! loved it.

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Asif Andalib 18 October 2012

Good poem. Hope you will have a long happy prosperous life with your soul mate. God bless you

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Madhu Mangal Biswas 08 October 2012

Well if you keep writing like this then not one but all your wishes gonna come true! was a nice read, love-ly!

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Jaqualen Roberts 04 October 2012

that is such a beautiful peice

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Thomas Crown 01 October 2012

Darkangel...this is a very very moving poem for me. It absolutely captured me...I eagerly waited to read each line. I really love your work! ! ! DDama

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