My Own Skin Poem by Jo Elliott

My Own Skin

Was it the fear of something new?
Did I not have the guts to see it through
or did he just not add up to me
and not fit into my reality?

Are my expectations set so high?
Will any man ever comply?
If this is so
then I can be
happily alone on my life's journey?

Am I better off keeping them as a friend?
Then no one should feel they have to pretend
to be someone that they are not
and I won't feel like I've been got.
I can't be bothered to play the game,
I want to be wild and free
not meek and tame.

Is it so hard to accept who is me?
If so then please
just let me be!
I'm tired of being taken for a ride,
I'm not the sort to run and hide.

I'll always look out for Number 1,
I don't need a man to have lots of fun.
Is it that I'm a control freak
or is it love and care I seek?

Is it so hard for this to be shown?
Is it so wrong
that I sometimes moan?
I feel at times this is the case
when I find no love and care in place.

Should I teach myself to just comply
to the fact
that there'll be no love and not ask why?
If this is so I may as well
take on the love only I can tell
that is true and kind and given free
and that's the love I have for me.

That way I need no longer try
to work things out
then sit and cry
with frustration when things go wrong
and my own love will just keep growing strong.
I'll no longer seem to be let down,
I'll learn to smile instead of frown;
for myself to be heard I won't need to shout
as there won't be any room for doubt.

Those who accept me for who I am
won't feel the need to swindle and scam
because they get the me that's free to give
and I'll live the life I want to live.

No-one to be criticised by or answer to,
I can do anything I want to do.
I can share the things that I want to share
and care for the people who show they care.

Thank you for reading 💖

Setting my love free, , , This one was about me looking inside of me and seeing what this journey had meant to me. Fighting against the judgements that had been put in place, freeing myself with the reasons why I acted as I did and acknowledging to myself that I accepted me for exactly who I am and why I act the way I do and that if there is no-one there to supposedly love me then I wouldn't act this way and that to love myself would keep me going. My life is about caring, someone who doesn't understand that usually tries to bring the other down, so they expend all that care on to them, but then turn away from it because they can't handle it. Well, I care about myself and I care about others!
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