My Poems (Décima) Poem by Paul Hansford

My Poems (Décima)

(The décima is a Spanish form of 10 lines - rhymed ABBAACCDDC - in principle of 8 syllables, though the rather relaxed method of counting syllables in Spanish verse means that lines can actually be anything from 6 to 10 syllables. I've just kept to the standard English Iambic pentameter.)

My poems are my children, more or less.
I care about them, want them to go far,
would like the world to love them as they are.
Or would it help if I could maybe dress
them in fancy words, improve their accent? Yes,
though a judicious measure of sobriety
might give my work commendable variety.
Alas, they're disadvantaged from the start,
these single-parent children of my art,
and I can't blame their failings on Society.

Lillian Thomas 31 July 2009

Very nice poem: metaphors work, rhyme scheme pulls it together, very successful.

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Neil Young 07 April 2009

An excellent analogy and a very enjoyable poem. I've not heard of this form before. I may be wrong but I thought the rhyme scheme dictated the form irrespective of metre. By definition this is definitely a Decima. Many thanks.

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Paul Hansford 04 July 2008

I /thought/ I had explained that. IMO it's still a decima, in the same way that haiku don't all have 17 syllables, and Shakespearian verse is not all strictly 'de-dum de-dum de-dum' iambic - it would be pretty tedious if the meter never varied.

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Flora Gillingham 04 July 2008

A well-expressed poem. The rhyme sequence works very well (but I don't really understand why you have called it a decima if it is not) . Fx

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Ben Gieske 03 July 2008

An amusing way of looking at one's creativity. I enjoyed this and am happy to learn about this new form. Thanks.

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