My Shopping List Poem by Paul Hansford

My Shopping List

Rating: 5.0

I write my shopping-list in rhyme.
It doesn’t take me too much time,
and always helps me to remember.
(I’ve been doing it since last September.)

Wholemeal bread
low-fat spread
strawberry jam
dry-cured ham
Cheddar cheese
frozen peas
free-range eggs
chicken legs
grape jelly
pork belly
lamb chops
lemon drops
fillet steak
chocolate cake
cookie mix
seafood sticks
tortilla chips
salsa dips
instant coffee
treacle toffee
dried sultanas
ripe bananas
runner beans
a bunch of greens
new potatoes
vine tomatoes
and (really urgent)
liquid detergent.

That’s my shopping-list in verse.
Not very good? Could have been worse!

Catrina Heart 19 April 2009

You made me feel hungry on your shopping list my friend...I'm on diet today...but you also made me crave for more rhyming words to friend Ivor Hogg do poems in a perfect rhymes and meters also...Hope you'll read him, i admire his works so much.

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Naidz Ladia 19 April 2009

your rhyming shopping list is good to read..tho it doesn't follow the recommended daily allowance but it follows the rule of poetic ryhmings..i like the presentation of this piece of yours..aside from its uniqueness, it is very smart...naizz

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Sathyanarayana M V S 18 April 2009

Paul! You are a glutton! ! ! ! ha ha ha!

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 April 2009

Sir, A mouth-watering shopping list but it misses the toiletries and potions and pills for the digestive system after the grabs and glugs of your exhaustive list.A thought precarious though never came in such a gregarious way from anyone else here except you.It seems like a matrimonial occasion or day to remember be it the festive mood of christmas or the easter or thanksgiving.May be you just celebrated your birthday or long cherished marraige with someone. But one shortcoming i must remind you is that the British binge-drinkers won't like your celebration without their Jack Daniels, Gallo, Veuve Cliquot and Fosters.They are a part of the festival too.May be yours are a foodie concept so you geared up only on foods and no wines.....bon appetit for all your comidas listed here. A well deserved 10 from me.

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george george 06 October 2009

Very imaginative and charming! Made me smile at 1: 13 a.m.! !

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Sonya Florentino 04 August 2009

this is SO funny... I gotta try it some time... i just have to make sure I don't leave out anything that doesn't rhyme!

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I love the originality and fun this poem evokes. It's always interesting to see what shoppers have in their trolley. Karin Anderson

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Pranav Kumar 20 April 2009

A very nice one....enjoyed reading it!

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Susan Jarvis 20 April 2009

Only a true poet could turn a shopping list into a work of art. I love it! S ;)

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