My Rage Poem by Randy McClave

My Rage

I only started to be free
When I truly looked inside of me,
I then discovered that in my cage
Contained all my hate and all my rage.
I was a wild animal pacing back and forth
Going from south and then to the north,
Then when I finally connected all the dots
I then realized the cage was my thoughts.
My thoughts were the bars
Caged inside were to be my memoirs,
Filled with my temper, my fury and my violence
Those feelings I could not ever silence.
I so badly wanted to remove my rage and hate
So, I then began to meditate,
I wanted my rage and my hate to cease
My soul needed peace.
I was so tired feeling like a wild animal
I wanted to be calm, proud, forgiving and rational,
Then I happily returned to church once again
Then I knew Jesus forgave me of my sin.
Now I am a different man
Now I don't seek revenge, pain or bedlam,
I truly have no rage no more
I have released the animal, from the cage's door.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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