My Reality Poem by Andrew Rose

My Reality

How did i end up like this,
My life is falling down round my head,
I feel like i should be dead,
My soulmate is lying with someone else,
My best friend is trying to kill himself,
Im losing touch with this world,
My reality is spinning out of control,
I just want to lose myself...

I can feel myself sinking further within,
This is where the end starts to begin,
My Friends are all sitting here,
Somehow i can feel their fear,
They fear what i have become,
They fear what is to come,
Yet for some reason they are still here,
What is it that draws them near,
Is that hope i see in their stare,
Hope that i can undo what ive begun,
Hope that i can still see the sun...

All i can see is black,
All i can feel is a life slipping away,
To join the spirits of a previous day,
But now there is something else there,
A warmth that drives of the fear...

I feel a tear rolling down thy face,
Everywhere it touches i feel the warmth leave a trace,
Fighting of the fear, that has its roots deep within me,
I open my eyes and see someone there,
Shes lying in my arms, driving away my fear,
I kiss her and hold her tight,
Somehow i know,
everything is going to be...

Rose Preston 15 April 2007

Andrew; sometimes I think you are too similar to me x.x And that you seem to know how I'm feeling without asking. And write poems that are meant for me..

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Holly Heron 10 May 2006

I love this. I did when i first read it, and that hasn't changed on my umpteenth read of it.

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