My Soul Will Find Yours Poem by Misty Heart

My Soul Will Find Yours

The reason it hurts to separate...
is bcoz our souls are connected.
And i have never been so desperate;
just by losing u ahead.

Maybe we've live a thousand live before...
and each of them we've found each other.
We loved each other then for sure;
and there had never been another.

I have spent every life before this...
spent searching for you.
And every life i had professed;
that my love for you is true.

Your soul and mine must always come together...
but we've been forced to say goodbye.
For reasons so hard to decipher;
like facing a love one die.

We'll see each other in another life;
we'll find each other again.
The stars may change... the spark, the light;
but our souls will see no end.

My soul will find yours...
like those as times of olds.
Like a weary knight on his horse...
Seeks___till the secret unfolds.

Time has no meaning...
love will endure.
Our souls will keep believing...
that we belong for sure.

(Some lines credited from the novel entitled 'The Notebook')

Melvin Banggollay 24 January 2008

What a niece piece. My soul will search the beuaty that had written this wonderful poem of love. How I wish your soul will find me and that I coulld tell how i long to love the rhythm of your heart, not just in poetry but in reality. thanks for sharing this great poem. melvin

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