Falling In-Love Easily Poem by Misty Heart

Falling In-Love Easily

Rating: 4.5

Somehow, someway, you met this someone;
who falls in love easily.
and there with him, you go along...
getting closer perfectly.

He promised to be your friend forever;
you sighed with much relief.
and so a friendship was built thereafter...
never expecting a coming grief.

For he admitted he fell in love...
with you; with your smile; with your heart.
You never expected this sudden change;
never thought of that crazy part.

And so you kept distance...
from him and his searching eyes.
You built a wall around your heart...
andplaced a cover to your eyes.

But then his words... his soulful words;
keep banging to your head.
keep going back inside your heart;
and then the tears were shed.

Your puzzled soul is searching...
looking for that special someone
who falls in love easily;
and now, for you is gone.

And when at last you found him;
a smile was stolen from your face.
Something stabbed your gentle heart;
and so you went out of his gaze.

For somehow, someway, you met that someone;
falling in love again.
Giving his whole heart to the one...
the one who is your friend.

And so i say you must beware;
and guard you heart and trust.
from someone who easily fall...
regarding of his past.

What then if time comes...
and you two, parted ways.
Promising each other, the love...
but then to him that promise sways.

For he'll fall in love again...
over and over again.
So your heart will cry in pain...
and the agony wont seem to end.

Christopher Turner 24 August 2006

There are only two in the poem, right, or more? 'but then to him that promise sways' what did you mean here exactly?

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