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The Witch

I looked straight into her eyes...
Those black... and cold as ice.
The sunlight dances on her face;
No one escapes her lethal gaze.

Tell Me

How can I say goodbye to someone
I havent seen go away?
How can I let him go...
when he's not been mine?

I Killed That Lovely Angel

I saw a lovely angel glows
with beauty and with love.
She had those dark and showy eyes;
reminds me of a dove.

All's Just A Dream

Once in your life you fell deeply in love...
to the woman of your dreams.
who made your world all seem so right;
who found a place for sunbeams.

Falling In-Love Easily

Somehow, someway, you met this someone;
who falls in love easily.
and there with him, you go along...
getting closer perfectly.

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