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The Witch

I looked straight into her eyes...
Those black... and cold as ice.
The sunlight dances on her face;
No one escapes her lethal gaze.

Inside her eyes are dancing flames;
Warm as fire; promising games.
My heartbeat skipped; Iknew her.
I then possessed a risen fear.

Her image drew nearer to me...
I held my breath; I chose to see.
Amazing face... notorious lips;
A face that launched a thousand ships.

I saw her soul; her graven heart.
I knew her from the very start.
Her eyes have something dark to tell...
I heard her while she casts a spell.

Her lips formed a crazy smile;
She stared at me for a lonely while.
In her eyes... a spark shines...
I knew at last some deathly signs.

I want to touch her; I want to hold;
I raise my hands, and feel the cold.
I felt the mirror infront of me...
I knew from the start the witch is me.

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Misty Heart Popularity

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