All's Just A Dream Poem by Misty Heart

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Misty Heart


All's Just A Dream

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Once in your life you fell deeply in love...
to the woman of your dreams.
who made your world all seem so right;
who found a place for sunbeams.

But then she's just gone...
suddenly out of your sight.
you thought she brought with her your heart;
you thought you lost the fight.

And then there was her friend so dear;
who soothed your broken soul.
who filled the spaces in your heart;
who gave and shared it all.

The best of friends, you two became;
and closer each and every day.
you thought your life is not the same;
since then she crossed your way.

But then you knew the way she feels;
for you; for your friendly care.
For her youre just a nicely friend;
a friend who's always there.

Somehow, in silent battlefield;
your heart cries in pain.
your mastered hope is wavering;
and thought of her again.

you grabbed an inner strength within;
and told her what you feel.
at first she was indifferent...
and then she showed what's real.

More than friends, you two became;
and closer each and every day.
You thought your life is not the same...
since then you chose that way.

But then the laughters and the smiles;
were gone and now were lost.
For came again the woman...
the one you loved the most.

The moment you saw her lonely eyes;
Your heart seemed to melt.
Youe never found your gentle voice;
you dont know what you felt.

You want to touch and hold her face;
But couldnt; since she's out of reach.
Everything's different now and then;
your heart cant choose to teach.

You dont know where to lead your heart;
a part wants what was past.
But when you look at your lover's eyes;
a guilt was drawn at last.

You chose the one who hurt you;
the one who made you cry.
You did at last what your heart commands;
Than choose the sweetest lie.

And then she came nearer to you;
the woman you chose to stay.
She wiped the sullen tears on her face;
then gave you all away.

She gave you back to her dear friend;
and said her last goodbye.
You felt the world just seem to end;
and cursed you by and by.

She turned her back away from you;
you saw her long, dark hair.
It was the second time she left;
and mem'ries lie everywhere.

You locked your heart; felt searing wound
that hurts you in extreme.
You opened your eyes and beheld a light;
and thought all's just a dream.

Christopher Turner 24 August 2006

I think I may have almost shed a tear. I am speechless. :) I loved this one as well, good job. All of your poems I have read I can relate to. This is why I ask where you came from. Meaning, it seems weird we crossed paths, maybe we think alike with this stuff?

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Misty Heart

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