Have You Ever? Poem by Misty Heart

Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt such emptiness;
Emptiness inside your heart.
Have you ever felt such loneliness;
Loneliness which breaks you apart.
Have you ever felt so alone,
In the world you live in.
Have you ever felt you don't belong;
In the friends you have to lean.
Have you ever tried to question why:
Why your heart seemed in pain;
Everytime you say goodbye,
To a friend you'll never see again.
Have you ever loved someone with all your heart,
That you're willing to give your life.
Have you ever felt stupid even if you are smart.
That you're willing to try risking... have you tried?
Have you ever felt so lucky, but then incomplete:
Coz you felt nothing when you have everything.
Have you ever been useful but then you're so late;
That you've done nothing instead of something.
Have you ever felt of being loved;
Then knew something's missing.
Something's missing inside your heart,
Something you don't know; something you dare to learn.
When you're so down and alone;
Have you ever felt you have a friend;
A friend who'll catch you when you fall,
A friend you ever need.
Have you ever felt you're in a quest;
Of truth; of joy; of freedom
Quest of truth within yourself;
Of freedom of your thoughts; of joy you wanna have.
Have you ever felt so dull;
Have you ever felt so helpless;
Have you ever felt there's something...
Something lost in your life,
Something you should find.
Have you ever had a lover;
And loved him in return.
But then you sensed something wrong.
You knew true love's not yet home.
Have you ever known someone;
Who could take away the loneliness in you.
But he's not there; you're left alone.
So you felt lost you don't know what to do.
Have you ever felt your heart was broken;
Have you ever tried to conceal the pain.
The pain you've been feeling all the way...
Have you ever knelt to pray.
Have you ever wondered if you're home
Back to your home at last.
Have you ever tried to open the door.
That leads you back to your past.
Do you ever forget; do you remember
The moments you cherished before.
Do you ever look back; do you wonder
Will you ever close that door?
Have you ever lost someone with all your heart;
Wishing it could have been someone else.
Have you ever; have you ever...
Have you ever felt these things

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