Tell Me Poem by Misty Heart

Tell Me

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How can I say goodbye to someone
I havent seen go away?
How can I let him go...
when he's not been mine?
How can I say my love to someone
who has not been on my way?

Like a dream in the middle of the night;
when the world turned away from the sun.
You reached the deepest past of my soul,
touched the depth of my fragile heart.
And like that dream youre slowly fading...
like that dream in the morning youre gone.

Tell me, how can I say goodbye to you
when I havent seen you come?
How can i stop these falling tears
when i dont know why im crying?
How come i love you this much
when before i could own you, youre gone?

How am I suppose to live this life
without you in my world?
Now, even dreams despised me
and the nights tortured my soul.
Tell me now 'coz I cant bear it more...
When can you be mine to hold?

Duncan Wyllie 02 October 2007

I understand feelings such as these, there is alot of pain involved, but Jessel, you can over-come and you can move on, That little light flicker in the centre of your heart, never give up when things seem too much to bear, you can over-come Love duncan X

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 19 September 2006

Smooth flowing slice of Romance lost.You paint the pictorial s so very well, Jessel Also, and it is beginning to appear to be a stapled trademark, you are to be commended on your tight, crisp structure, and overall fine craftsmanship'''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Steve Hagget 14 September 2006

Lovely poem - rending stuff that you have pulled together beautifully, Steve

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Sridhar RVL 14 September 2006

Good one from You Hope One Day

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