Misty Heart Poems

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The Witch

I looked straight into her eyes...
Those black... and cold as ice.
The sunlight dances on her face;
No one escapes her lethal gaze.

Tell Me

How can I say goodbye to someone
I havent seen go away?
How can I let him go...
when he's not been mine?

I Killed That Lovely Angel

I saw a lovely angel glows
with beauty and with love.
She had those dark and showy eyes;
reminds me of a dove.

All's Just A Dream

Once in your life you fell deeply in love...
to the woman of your dreams.
who made your world all seem so right;
who found a place for sunbeams.

Falling In-Love Easily

Somehow, someway, you met this someone;
who falls in love easily.
and there with him, you go along...
getting closer perfectly.

Another Sentimental Fool

It hurts to pretend that its okay seing you walk away from me;
to know you dont care anymore.
And it hurts to pretend that its alright without you,
for dreams just wont come true.

Promise To Love Me

If you cant love me in this life...
if fate is against this love;
Then promise to love me after death...
promise to love me till the end.

Rain, Tell Him I Love Him

Hear my heart, it's crying in the middle of the night;
So cold that i could feel the chill
that's working on my mind.
So empty that i miss the words he tells me everyday,

Did I Fail To Love You?

Did i fail to love you?
If so, then tell me how or when.
The world has forced us far apart
and though a million miles away,

Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt such emptiness;
Emptiness inside your heart.

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