Misty Heart

Rookie (December 6,1988 / Philippines)

Misty Heart Poems

1. I Knew It's Not A Fairytale 8/17/2006
2. Someday 8/17/2006
3. My Soul Will Find Yours 8/17/2006
4. There'Ll Never Be The Same Me 8/17/2006
5. Garden Of Abandoned Secrets 8/17/2006
6. Teardrops 8/17/2006
7. Unspoken Love 8/17/2006
8. Mystery Over The Horizon 8/19/2006
9. When Death Arrives 8/19/2006
10. I Wanna 8/19/2006
11. Time Has Healed The Pain 8/19/2006
12. Poseidon 8/21/2006
13. There's No Other Way 8/25/2006
14. The God Of War 8/25/2006
15. What's The Secret? 9/8/2006
16. Even Life After Death 9/8/2006
17. It's Just That I Love You 11/12/2006
18. You Can Never Be Mine 11/12/2006
19. Heart Can Never Lie 11/12/2006
20. The Mistress 2/16/2007
21. Hush Dear Heart 3/16/2007
22. My Everlasting Flame 3/16/2007
23. Running Free 8/24/2007
24. Touch Me In The Morning 8/24/2007
25. Dreams Deceived Me 8/24/2007
26. Stranger Heart 2/2/2008
27. She Had Just Died 8/17/2006
28. If I Had The Chance 8/17/2006
29. No Longer Droop In Sin 9/19/2006
30. Twenty-First Year 11/24/2006
31. Have You Ever? 8/17/2006
32. The Way To Hell 9/19/2006
33. Did I Fail To Love You? 2/2/2008
34. Another Sentimental Fool 9/14/2006
35. Promise To Love Me 10/24/2006
36. Rain, Tell Him I Love Him 8/24/2007
37. All's Just A Dream 8/17/2006
38. Falling In-Love Easily 8/17/2006
39. I Killed That Lovely Angel 8/17/2006
40. Tell Me 9/14/2006

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Best Poem of Misty Heart

The Witch

I looked straight into her eyes...
Those black... and cold as ice.
The sunlight dances on her face;
No one escapes her lethal gaze.

Inside her eyes are dancing flames;
Warm as fire; promising games.
My heartbeat skipped; Iknew her.
I then possessed a risen fear.

Her image drew nearer to me...
I held my breath; I chose to see.
Amazing face... notorious lips;
A face that launched a thousand ships.

I saw her soul; her graven heart.
I knew her from the very start.
Her eyes have something dark to tell...
I heard her while she casts a ...

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My Soul Will Find Yours

The reason it hurts to separate...
is bcoz our souls are connected.
And i have never been so desperate;
just by losing u ahead.

Maybe we've live a thousand live before...
and each of them we've found each other.
We loved each other then for sure;
and there had never been another.

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