My Soulmate...My Destiny Poem by Shelly Price

My Soulmate...My Destiny

I have loved but one man in my life...
one man that I loved who didn’t love me.
I tried to get him to open his eyes,
but his eyes were shut and too blind to see.

Blind to all that my love could offer...
I gave him my mind, my body and my soul.
I offered him true love unconditional...
but he didn’t want love...he wanted control.

I tried to make my square peg fit...
into the roundness of his balanced life.
No matter how hard I tried to be his,
he wouldn’t let go of his beloved ex-wife.

For years now, I have accepted second...
for the sake of making life easy for my man.
I compromised myself in every way possible,
waiting for him to wake up and take a stand.

I wanted so much to be right for him...
to be the woman he wanted at the end of the day.
But never have I been the one he longed for...
I’m merely the woman who wouldn’t go away.

I’ve made myself be so many things I’m not...
for the sake of being with the man I love.
I’ve been cheated on and I’ve been lied to...
I’ve even been pushed around and shoved.

I keep thinking that soon he will recognize me...
as the woman who truly gave him her all.
And when that happens I will have finally succeeded,
in being the one to break down his protective wall.

But that day has still not been given to me...
that day seems even further away then before.
I wonder if I will recognize my chance when it comes,
or will I have given up and walked out the door.

It would be easy to give up and just give in...
to all that is wrong between my man and me.
But easy is not what I keep fighting for,
I fight for a life with my destiny.

Copyright © 2004 Shelly Price
All Rights Reserved

To E.M. it's never too late to love...unless you believe love is too late for you.

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