My Thanksgiving Is Not Happy Poem by Rosie Bourget

My Thanksgiving Is Not Happy

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When I think of those who are sleeping in the street,
how could my Thanksgiving be sweet!

When I look at my brothers and sisters, who have nothing to eat,
I just take a seat and think about it.

Imagine those who are in hospice today,
waiting for the D-day!

Imagine those who are incarcerated
who don't remember Thanksgiving but instead,
are counting down their release day!

Imagine those who have no love, no family,
those who can't afford to buy a turkey
to share with their friends and family!

Imagine those who are depressed and lonely!
Imagine hearing someone says "I'm hungry"!
Imagine having family fleeing civil war in Turkey!

Can their Thanksgiving be happy?
Oh no, it's so not funny.

You may not be one of them,
you may have a happier life than them,
but you're not better than them.

For these reasons, you should have many reasons
to count your blessings this Thanksgiving season
a perfect way to start your holiday season.


November 24,2016

Hebert Logerie Sr. 27 November 2016

This poem was very touchy, melancholic and sad. At first, I felt guilty. And then the mood and the words got less bitter, better for my soul. That was very thoughtful of you to think about the neediest, the sick and the homeless. I love this poem.

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Rosie Bourget 28 November 2016

Salut a toi Hebert, question de te remercier pour ton commentaire. Cela me fait tres plaisir! Tiens bon.

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Rosie Bourget 28 November 2016

The inspiration just came out the blew. Thank you so much!

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Abhilasha Bhatt 24 November 2016

A tremendous and marvellous creation.....poignant.....loved it :)

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Rosie Bourget 28 November 2016

Thank you. That encourages me to do more.

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