The Breast Cancer Journey Poem by Rosie Bourget

The Breast Cancer Journey

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Cancer is just an obstacle
Like any other terminal illness
No one is exempted from it
It kills men, women, and children
Rich, poor, upper and lower class
Living their families
Confused and desperate
Cancer hurts those who survived
Spiritually and psychologically
Fear is with them all the time
It haunts them day and night
Cancer is such a scary illness
No matter how science is advancing
Some treatments just are not working
Cancer makes you realize
How precious life really is
For yesterday it was you
Tomorrow it could be me
With hope and faith
With family and friends
~ ~
With courage and determination
Simple words that can bring comfort
And the hope of healing
With support from everyone
Together we will fight this
So we can start off fresh and new!

The Breast Cancer Journey
Sunday, February 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Patricia Grantham 28 February 2015

A very enlightening and informative write on this dreadful disease. However we keep praying for a cure. Inspiring.

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Chinedu Dike 26 January 2020

A heartrending truth about the devastating effects of cancer, well conceived and insightfully brought forth with conviction. Really touches the heart of man. Thanks for sharing, Rosie.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 March 2019

Liked the last stanza. Very inspiring and moving lines that gives hope. So comforting. Thank you for this wonderful offering.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 March 2019

A wonderful and insightful write that deals with realities of life. Cancer is a terminal illness that brings fear and trauma. We hope that someday someone would be able to discover its cure.

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Khairul Ahsan 18 June 2018

Cancer is a dreadful disease, the cure is yet to come. The poem, however, is inspiring.

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Rosie Bourget 24 December 2015

We all hope for a cure Patricia. Thanks dear!

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