Another Precious Pearl Poem by Rosie Bourget

Another Precious Pearl

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To my Granddaughter Santanna Nia Stallings

What a precious pearl!
We've been waiting for you baby girl
With charm and smiles,
To see your beautiful eyes.

Every child is unique and priceless
And you are too, little princess!
Because of your uniqueness,
We all greet you with tenderness.

You are a gift from heaven above
A little angel to cherish and love
Sweet little girl,
Do you know that you are a rare pearl?

With your heart so warm, fastened so tight
And your smile so bright
You bring such delight
That keeps us so tight.

May you grow up with love
Happiness and wisdom
In times to come
Welcome to the world, little love!

September 3,2018
12: 00 pm
Your grandmother Rosie Bourget

Aniruddha Pathak 27 January 2020

Another truly precious pearl after the one writ for the daughter.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 14 March 2019

A wonderful tribute to a granddaughter. Very touching and heartwarming. Grandchildren are the crown of a grandmother. This write will be considered a gift that will be treasured by your granddaughter. Well crafted and well executed write.

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Jazib Kamalvi 13 March 2019

A nice poem, Rosie. Read my poem Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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Rosie Bourget 14 March 2019

Thank you Jazib.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 October 2018

Dear Rosie, such a wonderful touching poem................

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Rosie Bourget 11 November 2018

Hi bernard, Thank you so much. I appreciate you.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 October 2018

Your Granddaughter Santanna Nia Stallings is definitely a precious pearl. She has uniqueness. Her birth is dignified with love and care. A nice ode poem for her is excellently and beautifully penned with much affection. This is very heart warming poem and she will like to read more and more when she will grow up...10

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Rosie Bourget 11 November 2018

Salut Mahkul, dear poet! Thank you for your input. I want to leave my footprint behind so I will not be forgotten in case I don't live to see my grandchildren grow.

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