My Woman Poem by Aminat Opatola

My Woman

As i knelt down beneath your feet,
lets come together and make our whole world a fit,

you're my world greatest hero,
cause your shapes are rounded like zero,

you're my woman, my fairy goddess,
never reject my heart cause it'll make my whole world pointless,

your smiles are brightest like the sun and moon,
as i place my world beneath it i still crave and moan,

you're my starlight, u're my joy,
don't make my heart heart suffer like a toy,

your nature gives me sweet hope in life, why not accept my heart and be my wife,

you're ignition, you're fruition, i viewed you as a creation called perfection,
you are my woman, my everything.

Give me a bit of chances, and not juxt an imagination in my crises.

Let me taste your sweetness with dignity, wishing i could have your all including your virginity.

I want to feel the impression of your charms of morality,
so we could live together for all eternity.

I want to see you sleep and breath beside me while the whole nation watch and get jealous of me.

I wonder how your skin will feel on my flesh
as you're simply a vessel of temptation that makes my whole body flush,

why not accept me with peace,
so as to put my whole heart at ease,
my woman, my everything.

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Aminat opatola 13 April 2018

Thanks love, i appreciate ur comment.

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Alison mujati 12 April 2018

Rhyme and rhythm make a beautiful poem,you made sure of that....excellent...,

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