My World Speech On War. Poem by DICKSON MSETI

My World Speech On War.

Ladies and Gentlemen listen up,
we have nothing to smile on,
nor it isn't the time to smile on each other,
As the World is going down.

God gave us the power to decide,
whether the right or the wrong path,
but we always choose the negative ones,
as we focus on our personal interests,

Our neighbors house is burning,
while we stand aside shouting hurray,
why do we let our brothers vanish,
because of their ambitions,

Do we remember we are one World?
neither Israel 's side Palestinians side,
not Pakistan or Alqaeda,
We are the World with Great effects.

Lazy humans await for the lucky times,
we have proved that in all ways,
as we wait to see the miracles,
while our brothers are smashed away.

These wars proves things to me,
there ain't Professors pf diplomats exist,
or do we use them for the noble prices,
and Education isn't valid to them.

We always think we can in imagination,
I say in reality we can not,
how do we stop that fire burning,
while our hand's thinking in the pocket?

Where are you noble men with prices?
create those true formulas,
that will bring a true peace,
all over this dark World.

We have shown our weaknesses so far,
as middle east war isn't of yesterday,
our hope is hopeless,
our love is meaning less.

people are politically behaves,
while professionally buried,

Pranab K Chakraborty 20 July 2010

HOW DO WE STOP THAT FIRE BURNING WHILE OUR HAND'S THINKING IN THE POCKET? Not only a writing in poetry category, its perhaps the voice of the time when large number of people from different part of the world getting the fate of being a refugee due to local disturbances. Mal-distribution of wealth makes a little group of people the richer and most of the citizens are out of the primary necessities to exist as a human on earth. Poet has documented the time very nakedly, no matter whether the scholars give it the mark or not, its the need of the time. Thank you very much. Write more and at least write more to knock at our conscience..... Regards, 10++ pranab

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nice pennings.... nice write!

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 27 April 2010

So thought provoking, you know, I really enjoy this poem. This speech - absolutely - is really a reflexion of what happened in this world. Love this poem...

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