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It’s a source of revenge,
Master of destruction,
It brings separation,
Encourage discrimination,
The source of pain,
Brings slavery,
Yeah, mental slavery.
Emotion is the enemy of facts,
Feelings is the darkness of reality,
Emotions, feelings are the wrong way of decision,
Let Anger not be the source of decision making,
Focus on the truth, reality and facts.

Kolawole Ajao 23 April 2010

Dickson, You will become one of Afrca's most renowned poets in a jiffy. This poem is didactic. If any body calls this a simple poem, refer them to read poems from Walt Whitman and Benjamin Zephaniah okay? Continue!

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Jodie Pollock 16 April 2010

i like this.. very good description of anger.. i like the end two lines best.. nobody should make decisions based on anger.. the outcome can never be good.. thank you for sharing x

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hellen 29 March 2019

just my heart were cheated

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Jay Ahmad 14 March 2012

This is the the best description of anger I've ever read in my whole life! ! ! ! !

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Pheko Motaung 25 January 2012

My brother Dickson...this is a fantastic fabulous fantastic poem! Give us more! Brother! You're the chosen one for the future you gorgeous you fabulous you!

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Ivor Hogg 03 May 2010

Your logic is impeccable but suppressed anger festers. Far better to express it verbally.Than wait for the inevitable explosion

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Aldo Kraas 23 April 2010

With anger you will aways be understood Because people will get the point.

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