My Younger Days/ Part Ii

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Indeed time is a factor.
Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours and Seconds.
Before our eyes we learn about life.
A boat with no ocean is still a boat.
Time without meaning is still a life.
We have to answer for it all.
Yet, we still marvel at what could have been.
What should have been.
And what remains to be seen.
Misfortune will sometimes take a break.
Guidance, Understanding, Compassion and Love.
These are things that are never truely pondered.
It wasn't apart of alot of our childhoods.
But yet, it was....just never expressed enough.
So we grow, change and sometimes stay the same.
Looking for answers from others around.
Guided by fate and cards we are dealt.
Choices we make, good or bad, are still choices.
Not a sob story, O'Boo Woo, cry for me.
Just another American kid thrown in the mix.
I'm older and have retirement for now, for now.
My younger days, I could have been anything.

Shannon Chapel 17 February 2006

Stee, I think I like this one ever better than Part I! Makes me kinda sad, though, and I'm not sure why. Again - a 10 from me. Shannon xoxo

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Mary Nagy 10 February 2006

If only the younger people would realize they ''can be anything''........I'm trying to get that acrossed to my kids, that this is the time they are actually able to pick ANY occupation or personal path and make it happen. It's harder to choose different ones once we're older. I'm loving your work Steve. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary

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