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A Woman Of Substance

Woman of Substance.
She is not flesh and bones
Of insignificance.
She is intelligent substance,

Amazing Disgrace

You hurt me,
Scared me,
Bruised me,
Tried to extinguish me

A Date Night

She looks beautiful for their movie date
Flushed, she is running a little late.
Excited to see his beautiful face,
She sees him there and they embrace.

The Mainstream Is Polluted

'Hey, over here! '
Said the road less followed
'Here is the antidote,
For the lies you have swallowed.

I Might Not Be Beautiful,

I might not be beautiful,
But I could intoxicate you,
Melt through you like an aged Scotch Whiskey.
I could make you dizzy with how you make me feel.

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Titi Dale 27 January 2013

In all of your poems, I see many wonderful things, and I'm sure that the rest of the world see that also :) i look forward to reading more of your thoughts and feelings, so I hope you continue to write more :) you continue to surprise us all :)

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Lyn Paul 07 December 2012

Dear Ruby, ...... absolutely amazing work. You can make us laugh and... cry. We thank you for this. x

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Red O'mara 28 November 2012

Glad you're here, Ruby. You're a very audacious, funny and original poet. Always look forward to reading what's new from Ruby.

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Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

How pleased am I to have found this absolute gem of a poet! Each poem is clever, with incredible flow. I love Ruby's style! Emotional and honest, witty and very sensual! Just time well spent reading these poems! !

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Dominic Hunt 15 July 2012

Love soulmate in slumber Keep writing poems to me it's like singing from your soul

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I am a writer and poet. I create sweet, simple work with deceptively provocative depth. I am a regular visitor to death's door and am afraid of green ants, wasp nests and taking out the trash at night.
I am Lisa Sherman- Weeks, best known for my work under this nom de plume, Ruby Honeytip.

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