Mystery Girl (Part Ii) Poem by Tears From A Soldiers Eyes

Mystery Girl (Part Ii)

Am I lonely or just fooling myself
Could it be that these are the cards that I dealt
Where is that place that love is felt
I want that bit of fire that makes your heart melt
When will I have my chance to float on cloud nine
When will I find that one woman whose only mine
I’m always thinking about her for she stays on my mind
Looking for her on a daily basis, Yes this is my grind
I hear people talk of love unconditionally
I cant wait to find that love that’s meant for me
I scream out to her and all I hear is my echo
When I find her I will squeeze her and never let go
As sit in this far away land
With a pen and pad in my hand
Only thoughts of happiness, In the mist of sadness
This is my life and believe this is not how I planned it
I said I would be married by now and filthy rich
But my dream is over now so reality sets in
Fairy tales don’t always come true in this world of sin
But I wont give up until my time has come
I will continue to search until my heart is won

Daniel Chapman

Rebeca Valenzuela 21 January 2007

all you will ever need is love. Love and be loved in return.

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Kelly Hanson 22 December 2006

great verse daniel..... maybe your plans have grown up right along with you? ? now you want true love, rather than marriage and money?

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