Tears From A Soldiers Eyes Poems

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Love Is

What is love, Love can't see you but you can't see it
Love is a sneaky thing I guess sort of slick

Love can hurt and Love can heal

A Romantic Night

You come in and sit down while looking around
I tell you don’t be afraid just relax for this is your night
I’ve prepared all day for this one perfect night
Topped with music, food, wine and a flickering candle light

Lets Make Love

Lets make love like its the very first time
Come closer and let me show you, what’s on my mind

As I wrap my arms around you and squeeze you tight

When I'M Dead And Gone

When I'm dead and gone
At my funeral don't play another sad song
I wanna see tears of joy not of sorrow
Remember this day for it will be gone tomorrow

I Lied And Said 'I Love You Too'

As I was leaving she hugged me
Kissed me then told me she loved me
Not really sure how to reply
My mouth responded with an “I Love You Too”

I Want A Woman

I cant wait to find the woman thats just for me
I know she's out there but where could she be
Ive seached alll over the world
In this never ending search for that one special girl

I Dream, Do You

Do you have dreams, Well I do
I dream of wonderful things
I dream of things yet to come
I dream of things some may say is dumb

Mystery Girl

Why do I feel this way
A litlle bit of jealousy some may say
I feel like she should be mine
I'm a grown man, why do I feel like cryin

Time Passing Me

Not sure if I’m coming or going
At times I’m happy for how my life has turned out
I feel like I’ve done so much In this short time
So young and yet I feel like my time is running out

Love Is Not Blind

How can such a beautiful earth
Look so ugly up close
We treat the earth with such disgrace
That we have forced love to hide its face

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