A Romantic Night Poem by Daniel Chapman

A Romantic Night

Rating: 4.8

You come in and sit down while looking around
I tell you don’t be afraid just relax for this is your night
I’ve prepared all day for this one perfect night
Topped with music, food, wine and a flickering candle light
We eat, drink, laugh, and talk just for starters
I began to gaze into your stars stolen from the sky eyes
As you lay in my arms looking up at me in utter surprised

I stand you up and slowly walk you into my room
I began to undress you piece by piece
While the aroma of the room puts you at ease
I tell you to lie down flat on your stomach
Then your fantasy's and fascinations’ begin to run wild
Now I have a strong appetite for your love and I want it now
Yet the moment is not now so I tell myself to slow down

So I begin giving you a full body massage
Not just any massage I mean really caressing your every curve
Tonight I’m your servant and I’m ready to serve
I smell and inhale a deep breath of air from your hair
I slowly and passionfully kiss the back of your neck
As I go down your body, kissing alot and not missing a spot
You moan in acceptance and squirm in the sheets
I roll you over in a burst of excitement and delightment

I admire your body in its full entirety
For a second I pause, A body so beautiful even with flaws
I complete the front of you the same way I did your back
Paying close attention to areas that I need not mention
Your body begins to shiver and I know what that means
So I continue to go at it until you and your body screams
I can feel you blood pulsating as I slowly raise up

You whisper in my ear that you are ready to feel me
I waste no time because I'm ready to feel you to
A lovely feel of wetness and warmth as I slide into you
As we engage in this overwhelming love making
I hope you know my body is yours for the taking
our minds escapes this physical world to a place all of our own
We try all the position our little nympho minds can ponder

We are dripping wet so full of sweat
You have climaxed many of times
Then you tell me your ready for mines
Not wanted this to stop but I feel I have no choice
I feel you shiver and I join in the fun and now were done
Slowly this saga has come to a end
I hold you tight as we drift off to sleep
I tell you I love you and kiss you good night...

Daniel Chapman

Patricia Gale 29 December 2006

A romantic night indeed, romance still lives as shown with passionate write.

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Kelly Hanson 02 January 2007

got my pulse rate up there! ! ! very nicely done, daniel... 'ready for mines' is such perfect use of ebonics (hommieghettospeak) hope to see more of that technique.

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Charley60 K 29 December 2006

This poem was well written, and with much thought, and feeling. I have to say reading it left no stone unturned.....and was breath-taking and I must say left me speechless in some respect. A very good write for a Romantic Night....

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Kita Jackson 11 May 2016

This is my favorite

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Emma Woods 16 August 2008

wow! ! this is - no joke - one of the best poems I have ever read - it's so elegantly beautiful and so passionate - so in the moment of heat - explaining everything that people have tried so hard to find words for - added to my faves! !

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Denise F. 08 August 2007

WOW..lol...this is a very powerful and passionate poem..tastefully written, indeed..thank you for sharing it.. Denise

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Claire Jones 03 August 2007

This is amazing, very hot and powerful. You have alot of talent and passion. CJ

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Joy Vanderhelm 03 February 2007

Now this is a poem! Whew! And a breathless undertaking, a fresh respect to such a wonderous thing as a romantic night. Well written and with the raw power and emotion so well expressed, it's a wonder my mouth hasn't gone dry with anticipation. Well done.

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Daniel Chapman

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