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What is love, Love can't see you but you can't see it
Love is a sneaky thing I guess sort of slick

Love can hurt and Love can heal

You come in and sit down while looking around
I tell you don’t be afraid just relax for this is your night
I’ve prepared all day for this one perfect night
Topped with music, food, wine and a flickering candle light

Lets make love like its the very first time
Come closer and let me show you, what’s on my mind

As I wrap my arms around you and squeeze you tight

When I'm dead and gone
At my funeral don't play another sad song
I wanna see tears of joy not of sorrow
Remember this day for it will be gone tomorrow

As I was leaving she hugged me
Kissed me then told me she loved me
Not really sure how to reply
My mouth responded with an “I Love You Too”

I cant wait to find the woman thats just for me
I know she's out there but where could she be
Ive seached alll over the world
In this never ending search for that one special girl

Do you have dreams, Well I do
I dream of wonderful things
I dream of things yet to come
I dream of things some may say is dumb

Why do I feel this way
A litlle bit of jealousy some may say
I feel like she should be mine
I'm a grown man, why do I feel like cryin

Not sure if I’m coming or going
At times I’m happy for how my life has turned out
I feel like I’ve done so much In this short time
So young and yet I feel like my time is running out

How can such a beautiful earth
Look so ugly up close
We treat the earth with such disgrace
That we have forced love to hide its face


War not really sure what Im fighting for
But what I know is I want war no more

We fight and we fight and we fight

Just when you feel like youv'e had enough
Just when your life feels just to rough
Although these time can really be tough
When you seem do nothing but huff and puff

I can never find love
And it never finds me
If only we could see
The beauty in Love and Me

Am I lonely or just fooling myself
Could it be that these are the cards that I dealt
Where is that place that love is felt
I want that bit of fire that makes your heart melt

I want so badly to be part of her world.
She's more precious than an ocean pearl.

Part of my life is tatoo's, penetentry rules
When running yo mouth only seperates the men from the fools

Part of my life is bullets, guns, blood, sweat and tears

Brothers and sisters all over here fighting
Got me thinking so much now im writing
Why is there so much hate in the world
Seeing all this killing makes my stomach curl

Words pass, past words
Dreams of Dreamt dreams

I miss you my buddy and I miss you my friend
I was there beside you until the end

I saw you pay that priceless cost

A guy came to me the other day saying some crazy stuff
He said he hate what I do and what i stand for, to not hit him was ruff

Why do people tend to not look from outside of the boots

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This is the best way I feel I can Get the feelings in feeling off my chest I dont claim to be a real poet or anything but atleast someone can hear my thoughts. I'm young with an old soul I've been through so much and I'm sure alot of people have. Im new to this poetry thing but so much on my mind and this sort of ease's everything just a little to make my time go by a little better. I hope that made since.....)

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Love Is

What is love, Love can't see you but you can't see it
Love is a sneaky thing I guess sort of slick

Love can hurt and Love can heal
Love can be born and Love can kill

Love has won and Love has lost
Love can catch and Love can toss

Love can stand and Love can fall
Love is small and Love is tall

Love is right and Love is wrong
Love is weak but Love is strong

Love is up and Love is down
Love can smile and Love can frown

Love is good and Love can be bad
Love is quite and Love can brag

Love is a little and Love is a lot
Love contiues and Love stops

Love can hope and Love can dream
Love can talk and Love can sing

Love can be a word or Love can be a ring
Love can be nothing or Love can be everything

So where is this thing we call Love
I dont know the only real love we have comes from above...

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William Taylor 14 March 2008

far out bro dig the Realness of the words Liife is crazy peace

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Cheryl Macey 11 December 2007

very nice reading, thank you.

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