Mystery Girl Poem by Daniel Chapman

Mystery Girl

Rating: 5.0

Why do I feel this way
A litlle bit of jealousy some may say
I feel like she should be mine
I'm a grown man, why do I feel like cryin
Each day she's not with me I feel like I'm dyin
It still hurts so deep inside
I love her so much I cannot hide
I still see her in my dreams at night
How can something so wrong, be so right
I feel like she says, so much in a simple hug
She makes me believe there's a such thing as true love
This is a feeling I cant just shove under a rug
Sometimes I think her love was sent from above
More beautiful than snow white doves
I guess my nose is so wide open
I ask myself why go on hoping
I wonder if she feels the way I do
If I cant love her totally than who
I want so badly for her to understand
Im the only one who should be her man

Aasiq the poet 04 August 2007

..great feeling and still greater is the poem..whoever says soldiers cannot write..

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Rebeca Valenzuela 21 January 2007

i loved this poem and its full of love.

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Shanna Stewart 06 December 2006

I love your poem, it almost made me cry. Something that you crave and it's just outside of reach. great job!

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