Love Is Not Blind Poem by Daniel Chapman

Love Is Not Blind

Rating: 5.0

How can such a beautiful earth
Look so ugly up close
We treat the earth with such disgrace
That we have forced love to hide its face
Now all you hear people say is Love Is Blind
I feel like love has chosen to be blind
Due to the way we treat its breeding grounds
Love wants to only see beauty
But would prefer to be blind
Then to see all this ugly we put around it
But love is all around us
But with so much hate love has to sneak around
That’s why a lot of times when you find love
You never saw it coming
But back to the point is
Love really blind, well I say no
Love has just chosen to close its eyes
To avoid seeing all this hate that love despise

Ramesh Rai 29 July 2013

love is divine. grt write.

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Kille & Brim 08 March 2007

This poem has alot of meaning

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Claire Jones 26 February 2007

Truly touching poem, you couldn't really blame 'love' for keeping its eyes closed. You have alot to give and I hope love opens her eyes on you soon! CJ.xx.

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Stacy S 16 February 2007

Amen To That! .....I think that too....

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