Blood Orange Moon Poem by YURI DURAAN

Blood Orange Moon

Rating: 2.7

The moon hangs low tonight over the city
the colour of a blood orange
a portent of hate,
the same colour as the flames
enveloping a man on his knees,
reaching out to the masses
around him – onlookers
who do not see him,
his person,
his past,
denying him his future in this
city over which the orange moon rises

The burning man is on his knees,
as if in prayer:
“Father forgive them for they
know not what they are doing”
and the silent crowd watches
a crow on a rooftop watches
the orange moon watches

until the silence is broken by a
baby wailing in his mother’s arms
a baby with no past
no future
arms of hate encircling his
fragile body,
the flames reflecting in its
distant eyes…

Marvin Brato 04 June 2008

Blood orange moon.... looks like a sign of the times, Doomsday! Like Sodom and Gomorrah... this earth is nearing its judgment! A 10.

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Sadiqullah Khan 02 June 2008

nice imagery which makes one get into the orange moon light nad the man and baby with no future, , even past and arms of hate, , , the predicament of what we see around us....10

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Broken Peaces 30 May 2008

A brave and strong write Yuri things need to be said at this moment of madness in time, where are we all going like you I fear for us all 10 for you my strong and couragous lady Chris x

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Ben Gieske 14 July 2008

Powerful images. Your title and first line certainly set the mood 'blood orange, moon, hanging low, tonight. Your theme is even more penetrating with the clever way you reiterating it with additional and different images. A lot of layers to ponder here below the surface. Great poetry. Robert Frost said that poetry is all about metaphors. You use them well.

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Nkululeko Mdudu 10 June 2008

It is often said that one can tell the mood of the night by looking at the moon, and that a child; though unknowing, will often sense when evil is near. I fear this world of blind men and women who make daily sacrifices of their fellow human beings, to creatures they do not know, for reasons they do not show. deep deep....a most powerful poem -Nkuli

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Coach Roth 09 June 2008

I really hate blood oranges...although I hear they are very sweet...beautiful powerful imagery are a master at setting a scene...Coach

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David Desantis 06 June 2008

wow Yuri, that was very deep. Is it a reference to Jesus? Or is this an actual present day scene. Either way the imagery of a bleeding moon is very deep, i get a dark night time vision and pain in this one...job well done lol

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Vijay Gupta 04 June 2008

killers know everything. they are hungry, unemployed & seeing the solution of their problems in the killing of outsiders.economy is not developing can't provide sufficient employment.these problems which are going on in other countries also basically a economic problem.yr poem is very good pious & based on teachings of Jesus Christ.plz read my poem 'A commander without portfolio' which is selected in the II volume of 'enchanted verses'.it is running from France.

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