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What an interesting specimen!
I've never seen anything quite like it. Have you?
A few rare ones in the past, but very little.
A fairly high intellectual capability...
The brain and learning skills of a 15-17 year old, I'd say.
Yes, but look at this. See how some parts of the brain are underdeveloped?
Ahh, yes. Curious, very curious. That would pull back the age...
To maybe 13-14 years?
I would think so. But the mean age would still be 15.
Quite right. As for eyes...
Excellent eyesight, and keen hearing too. But slight damage of middle ear right there...
There, right in front of the anvil.
Oh, I see. And the nose?
Decent, but for a mammal, not very well. About as much as the average human,
And slightly more powerful. By barely anything though.
Indeed. Also seems to be an omnivore...
Really now? What about the teeth?
Just getting to that. Incisors, morals, canines...definitely omnivore.
That covers the five senses...I wonder, does it have a sixth sense like other animals?
No, none that I've found so far.
Hm...its seems to be quite tall, don't you think?
A 163 cm, with long limbs. The height is a rough estimate.
I couldn't get close enough to measure exactly. That thing is a ferocious creature.
No, I have been observing it, and it is just very impatient and easy to anger.
Just watch your back in case of a surprise, but you'll be fine.
I sure hope it always so irritated?
There are times at which it is calm and seemingly content,
And emits a strange gurgly gaspy sound.
Do you think it could be laughter?
Possible. Very sure, in fact. It has its own form of communication too,
So why not? The possibilities are endless.
Hm...I guess you're right. I think it has begun to tolerate us anyway,
It was less disgruntled today when I peered at it through the cage.
It may be controlling its anger. It certainly is intelligent enough to do so.
Well, good thing it's sleeping now...I have a hunch that it can hear and
Understand us when we're talking about it. What d'you think we should call it?
Leslious Eleanoria.

****The girl name Leslie means 'holly garden' in Scottish, and Eleanora is 'sun ray, shining light'.
In a way I like to think of it, the two names combined make 'sun ray upon a garden.'****

Raindreamer Hippy 28 January 2009

This is very clever and i genuinely enjoyed reading it. Keep writing!

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