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Why does the sun blaze down
from horizon to horizon
and the seas heave with
white crested azure
and the valleys seep with enchantment;
the heavens fill to overflowing
with that pure sound,
the sound of angels in praise,
as the wind carrying sweet scents
casts a million petals to the ground
to make such a fragrant softness
beneath the feet?
Why does every mountain spring
gurgle to the surface
gasping to find the air
and set a course ever downwards
until, without hesitation
it throws itself into the ocean,
never once stopping
in shadowed woodlands
or pausing to watch
the apple blossoms fall;
and why do we ever stop to think
if we should surrender
to what is natural in our hearts?

C.R. Clark 23 March 2008

Beautiful write, David. Thank you....10... Richard

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Ernestine Northover 23 March 2008

What a write! ! ! Absolutely beautiful David, a fantastic read, such flow and such divine words all woven together to make a superb poem. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Emancipation Planz 23 March 2008

Why don't you keep flowing this out to tell us... the answers I am sure you can capture in your reach.... shall wait -naturally - for some more...

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