Nature Is A Great Wonder - Iii Poem by Ramesh T A

Nature Is A Great Wonder - Iii

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Global warming, cyclonic storms, earthquakes
And volcanic eruptions are the furies of Nature;
They are the warnings of the coming total destruction
As the symptoms a doctor says for deadly diseases!
So, the fate of man is left to the mercy of Nature
Whose will decides the destiny of mankind here!
Beloved Nature gives many warnings before destroying
Anything by its power to create something new again;
So, all creations of Nature are for destruction
And all destructions are for new creations only!
By science man may control Nature and disease
But not change Nature or cure disease completely!

Sunny cool climate, southern breeze and green plants,
Sweet fruits and fragrant flowers are Nature’s bouquets!
Romantic mood thrives on in this natural atmosphere,
Wherein all romantic lovers long to enjoy life forever!
Green meadows with beautiful flowers in many colours
And fountain water flowing high and falling down near
The dam is where lovers like to play all the day always
In love songs enjoying romantic life to the core ever!
The taste of life man gets on seeing the joyful plays of
Squirrels, birds and bees hopping from flower to flower!

Beautiful morning Sun rise, twilights of the evenings
And Stars and Moon of the night Sky Nature draws
For the desolate people, forlorn lovers, depressed youths
And lonely persons to have respite and relief in life!
Music, cinema, TV and books may be man’s pastime
But not give ever relief, peace and the needed mood,
Which Nature only can provide to man and wake up
The sleeping soul to life to know his true nature,
The starting point to explore past, present and future
That enlightens and energizes man’s mind and soul!
The Nature charged batteries of his soul drives again
Man with renewed vigour and enthusiasm to do duties!
Such a turning point comes sooner or later in life only
After many sufferings and experience nobody can escape!

Materialistic and meaningless pursuits of life of man
Frustrates and finally make him surrender to Nature;
Meaningless life becomes meaningful only after
Man realizes his Self and its connection with Nature!
Unconscious of the air he breathes and many comforts
Man enjoys in the world are bequeathed by Nature;
But due to lack of time in his selfish pursuits ever
Man never realizes, appreciates and thanks Nature!
Nature offers opportunities despite his negligence
But it’s a pity man neglects them by his ignorance!

Abdulrazak Aralimatti 15 August 2015

Truly, the furies of nature warn us and the true joy of man is in nature and nature offers opportunities but man neglects them. Loved reading and commenting.

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Ramesh T A 15 August 2015

Thank you much for your notice of Narure's warning and joy man gets from Nature!

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Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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