Nature's Transformation Poem by me poet yeps poet

Nature's Transformation

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Well I read your poem I was all along wondering butterflies have life not more than a week how could they fly from North of Canada and return also but you clarified many died so how did so many reach Mexico I still wonder but after the winters you have clarified on their return journey none ever returned only produce kid butter flies which en route died (en route) seven generations ~one per week... so the original ones never did ever reach ~that is how over millions of years we too did reach.... bacteria virus and then as of now genes~ males and females X ~ Y in varying genes father to son~ to grand one~ then greater grandson ~one must have one, a son male sperm ~Y~ vertical transmission of sperms~ thirty years one generation so has nature expanded too~ to a hundred years with newer vaccination~ may be back to shorter generations ~and all over as butterflies once again become--- that is how nature plays fun and we still after one single one for ages run ~take it as a pun fun

Nature's Transformation
Saturday, March 13, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,butterflies,human,human brain
Savita Tyagi 16 March 2021

Interesting! I do not have enough knowledge about butterflies but transferring instincts of correct rout is something that nature have endowed animals better that us or we lost that memory skill somewhere along the way.

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Captain Cur 15 March 2021

Great picture. And interesting story of the butterflies taking generations to return home. Yes, nature can be fun but also deadly serious!

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me poet yeps poet 13 March 2021

read coolly think is this nature

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