Nearing The End Of Another Year – The Heat Is On In Sa Poem by Michael Knight

Nearing The End Of Another Year – The Heat Is On In Sa

It’s with great excitement that we are approaching Christmas time
Time for Carols rhyme and also some wine
Time for friends, family and lots of cheer
I hope everyone away on holiday will return safe

It’s a time when we especially remember the ones close to our hearts so dear
Living and dead
Daddy I whish you were still here
Granny you were cheated and should also still be near

The passing of you has made the family a non-family
If it weren’t for my Mother’s good fortune of meeting Jan
He love’s her and respects her and will give his life for her
He now fulfills this role of getting us together in this Christmas times

These should be good times to enjoy but they are sad times when one is alone and left with your own thoughts and ideas
I can only enjoy the time off work the rest provided
I know I should use it wisely, but I’m so sleepless – the heat is on

Elsewhere in the world it’s snowing – in SA the sun is glowing
And the heat is on – even sleeping is a burden
But I love it – I love the summer sun
Thank you God I love my SA sun

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