Never Going Back Poem by Julia Luber

Never Going Back

Rating: 4.8

Once these places are left-
One can't look back. As if one's head
had eyes behind their thighs and
Ears between their legs: As if the line:
One had to see existed as a thing only for that time.
And in its wake, you were somewhere else.

And it had been replaced by some other sign
Which meant it all had passed!

And memory had no right to save
Its impact in that perfect space-
would be nothing but like contract slave
to making sure that it were there
And Seen between the legs behind the ear and under

The Hair.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: memory
Introductory poem to the twelfth chapter of The Afterloch. Pun on a graphic sexual position determining what we are able to remember. The character does not want to remember some personal experiences, just like we don't always want to remember sexual positions- like being subjugated.
Yiyan Han 22 October 2020

Woman knows best when it's gone is gone ;)

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Dr Antony Theodore 14 September 2019

mocking all the past.......... sexual positions. memories. a fine poem. tony

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Srijita Mondal 31 May 2019

Wonderful mockery..??

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Julia Luber 31 May 2019

Thank you. It's a mockery of a sexual position as it relates to memory by seeing behind oneself…...

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Julia Luber 31 May 2019

I'm glad you get the mockery!

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Chinedu Dike 29 May 2019

Really a poignant piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing, Julia. Remain enriched.

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Julia Luber 29 May 2019

As fellow poets on PoemHunter, we enrich each other with deep meaning and expression, sharing and cognitive imagination and spiritual compassion.

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