Never Have I Poem by Randy McClave

Never Have I

Never have I gave a dollar to any politician
In or out of office not once did I sign a petition,
Never ever did I give or donate not even one single dollar
Never once to any politician was I sympathetic caller.
In or out of office never would I give a donation,
Because, I am against hate and greed in our great Nation.

Never have I gave a dollar to any Mega Church
Never on the Television for them did I ever search,
And never not once did I give a dollar to any televangelist
Who was selling prayers and ointments for his new house or jet.
Never would I donate a dollar to greed shown on a tv station,
I give to my church to help the lost and hungry find salvation.

I will never give my dollar to make a rich person richer
Whether it be a politician or even a preacher,
I don't want to hear any sad stories why they need my contribution
Their need and desire is never a happy solution.
If a begging politician or televangelist I would ever happened to meet
I would rather give my money, to the beggar on the street.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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