New Dawn. Poem by J.A McManus

New Dawn.

Rating: 4.8

The glory of old legends
Lies buried in the past
The roadside remains unseen
Where dark shadows stay cast.

As the icy winds of fate
Howl sharp throughout the land
Memories are blown away
Like golden grains of sand.

But the farmer carefully
Sows seeds in the new dawn
For the light of tomorrow
Is where new hope is born.

Jake Shelvey 17 January 2010

Absolutely beautiful, exquisite poem..You should be proud of yourself, youre poems are brilliant.

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John, This poem is inspirational and the second stanza made me shiver Brrrrrrrrrr. With the last stanza I felt new light with hope of a new beginning. 10 love Karin

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Obinna Eruchie 10 September 2009

An interesting poem, you have penned.

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John Knight 09 September 2009

Hi John - A very thought provoking poem. Excellent use of English and 'full rhyme'. The metre needs a little tweeking. In verse one the 'Old Glory' is buried, unsen and in shadows. Verse two is even more melancholy and even the 'memories' are blown away. Verse three is much more optimistic and the 'Promise of New Hope' is symbolised by 'sown seeds' 'new dawn' and the 'promise of tomorrow'. Well done and deserving of a NINE.

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

Carlisle, Cumbria
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