The Greatest Trick. Poem by J.A McManus

The Greatest Trick.

Rating: 4.4

If the greatest trick
That the devil ever played
Was to make the world
Believe the lies from his lips

Then the greatest trick
God ever played was to tell
The whole world it was
Made upon day number six.

Patrick A. Martin 12 October 2009

Satrick, Godtrick, Patrick. Hey maybe it was me who did it all? 10

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Les Derbyshire 12 October 2009

Neatly done John! And I'll go along with that! Short, pithy and purposeful - it says what it has to say then leaves the reader to his thoughts. A nice little piece.

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Lady Grace 13 October 2009

'Then surely the greatest trick God ever played was to convince The whole world it was made in One day multiplied by six '.............ok, this is so nice, , so, one day is multiplied by six and the product is 6..ya, , so, similar equation to HE made everything within 6 days, ...this is a very nive piece my dearest......and everybody knows, GOD on the seventh day took HIS rest and that is the worship day..BISMILLAH..

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I too like John Knight agree that the bible is open to interpretation. We have metaphors in poetry that are symbolistic and I feel some of the bible is too. The greatest trick you have done with this poem is to make us all think about God and the Devil and that is what good poetry is all about. I find with my poems, people really like putting their own interpretations on and I have learned this from workshops. So great poem from a great poet. 10 love Karin

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Anne Unknown 13 October 2009

Well done, John! short and purposeful a poem. A nice, catching poem about the tricks of god and satan. Nicely done. Can't wait for your next poem.

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Jeff Law 28 October 2009

very good poem, so simple yet brilliant

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Jerad Castaneda 20 October 2009

indeed very very nice i must say as a non god fearing man in truth a trick is a trick but keep in mind that the truth is never far from the faction

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Neil Singleton 15 October 2009

wow very pasion from you soul is impressive. nice work well done.. don't give up.. i rate this 10/10

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Lubna Adel 14 October 2009

This is a great poem that should be complimented for it's simplicity alone, poetry is not thoughtless chatter, and neither is this...very impressive!

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Natasha Dowdy 14 October 2009

Very interesting. Deep, gives me reason to think. I like it, thank you for sharing.

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