Questions Of You. Poem by J.A McManus

Questions Of You.

Rating: 4.9

What are you trying to sell
But then just give away?
What is it your dreaming of
As the night fades to day?

What kind of truth do you seek
In my old house of lies?
What’s hidden beneath the mask
Of your clever disguise?

Are you looking for wisdom
Or just some kind of faith?
Do you fear the white angel
Or the cold fingered wraith?

Do you become strong or weak
As you grow grey with age?
Do you love with tenderness
Or do you hate with rage?

Fay Slimm 27 November 2009

The final two questions are to me the maxim of the verse - 'do you love with tenderness - or do you hate with rage' - -we can choose to live with either emotion uppermost in our life - - but the vital answers to those questions will determine how we appear to ourselves and to the world.... a well thought out verse Jon.... keep writing do....10/10 from Fay.

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Susan Jarvis 27 November 2009

Full of mystery and intrigue - a compelling read! S :)

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 27 November 2009

THis is a wonderful poem, John. You wrote in an easy way to understand, and I love each part of this poem. They are good.

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I really admire the way John Knight has commented on this poem and has taken it as being for him in the critique. I love the rhythm and rhyme and it has much depth. Questions, if they are pertinent, involve the reader as yours do so well. As I got down to the end I realized, and this is what I believe, we all create our own reality almost completely, and we can choose to love or hate. 10 Karin (although the votes don't seem to be working) .

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i afree with Jon, good structure, rhythm etc. with time better thing. the facets made it reflective of deep thought. good!

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Charlotte Riley 21 December 2009

I havent read many poems who speak directly to the audience I like it, it's a very clever poem. What does this line mean? ? 'What kind of truth do you seek In my old house of lies? '

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Sayz LFlynn 01 December 2009

Always questions, never answers, wounderful poem, keep writing: D

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Terence Nabbs 30 November 2009

hi john Ive wrestled with these two imotions most of my life but i plumped for love. good poem. terence

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Shamik Kumar Bose 27 November 2009

I amnot sure if it is addressed to your kids, John. The flow of the poems is superb, with meanings simple and profound.

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Sandra Martyres 27 November 2009

I agree with all who have commented on this well crafted poem....the essence of which is reflected in the last is we and we alone who can choose whether to love or hate and how to do either....10+++

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J.A McManus

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